Motorola (Symbol) SPT 1500 Rental

Symbol SPT 1500 Rental
Symbol Technologies has combined the latest barcode scanning technology with the Palm OS Platform to create the SPT 1500. Based on the popular Palm III, the SPT 1500 is a powerful productivity tool, enabling users to capture and manage data with unparalleled convenience and functionality. Equipped with the SPT 1500, mobile professionals in a host of industries are able to manage data anytime, anywhere. In retail the SPT 1500 enables single-handed asset tracking, inventory management and physical data collection with a tool that moves easily from the stock room to the sales floor. Health care providers can download patient information before rounds, and update records at bedside. Service technicians can track inventory while in the field. Salespeople are able to enter customer information, scan items from a barcoded catalog and check downloaded price lists, all while at the customer's site. The SPT 1500 is powered by two AAA batteries. All units ship with one product reference guide. Need a SPT 1500? Visit our website or call 1-877-987-SCAN for rental request.